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[29 Jul 2011|01:37pm]
i feel more hesitant to take that trip down memory lane but i still find myself back here, whether its drawn to me or im drawn to it i couldn't tell you anymore. i don't think i can take credit for moving on either because it happens whether you like it or not, physically i have moved out but emotionally i havn't moved anywhere and im still stuck here with me. im growing up and its slipping right through my fingers, these are meant to be the best years of my life and i find myself stuck here because i'm still trying to work out who i am again. you stole that from me long before you died and i was forced to see the evil world for what it was long before i was meant to. i eventually found the door to let you go and inside that was the door to finding myself, but you managed to come back and slam it in my face. for that, i don't think i ever will let you go.

so to you, ronnie, how the fuck are ya. i still hate you ya'know, but i'd like to hope you found a way out of moorabbin to fuck with marias head because that's the least you could do for me. i looked for you in the stars last night but i knew you weren't there and now four years on i'm finally about to go back to the wall that maybe one day will eventually consume the rest of you. but between you and me for as long as im stuck here - so are you.

[12 Mar 2004|07:26am]
friends only.
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